Professional Videography

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Precious Memories Inc. offers 20+ years experience in wedding and event videography to bring you the highest level of professionalism possible.

Your wedding is shot with professional digital video cameras and edited in a state of the art editing suite with the best hardware and software available. Our post-production team delivers a product that is head and shoulders above the competition. We don’t just capture your wedding to video, we create an artistic presentation and deliver it in a way that only Precious Memories can. We encourage you to view our demo videos and let our work speak for itself.

The Precious Memories DVD

Four fully edited pieces set to the music of your choice. Includes full pre-ceremony, ceremony, post-ceremony photos, pre-reception and full reception coverage. Also includes a childhood photo montage of up to 25 photos with full digital restoration of your old photos! You DVD is delivered in a beautiful Custom 2-disc DVD set with custom graphics that will leave you speechless. Includes TWO 2-disc sets!

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Our video package includes coverage of the bride getting ready at home, arrivals at the church, full ceremony coverage, post-ceremony photos, full reception coverage from start to finish and a personal message from both the bride and groom.  Most video packages offer only one fully edited piece recaping your wedding day, our package includes FOUR. Your DVD begins with a fully edited introduction to the ceremony including your childhood photo montage all set to the music of your choice, full ceremony coverage from start to finish and ends with another fully edited piece including post ceremony photos all set to the music of your choice.

Your reception DVD opens with a fully edited piece set to the music of your choice showing arrivals and stills of your reception, full reception coverage capturing all of the important moments and TONS of dancing. You DVD concludes with one of the most beautiful wedding day recaps in the business. We take your entire wedding day, set it to music and deliver a cinematic experience that will be the envy of all your friends.


•Fully Edited introduction and photo-montage set to music. Complete coverage of your ceremony including video and still shots from throughout the day& a recap of the ceremony set to music. This includes custom graphics, animations and multiple digital transitions.


•Fully Edited introduction to the reception set to music. Complete coverage of your reception. This includes custom graphics and animations along with digital transitions. The Wedding Day recap: A fully edited reflection of your entire wedding day, from arrivals to the last dance, all set to music.




•Our classic VHS package includes childhood photos set to music, the entire ceremony, interviews, receptions and recap of the day set to the music of your choice. Editing and graphics are included
at no extra charge. A complimentary VHS wedding case is provided.






Video Sample


Recap Demo#1


Recap Demo#2
Ceremony Intro
Ceremony Outro
Reception Intro


  1. 1.Professional Cameras

  2. 2.Full Digital Editing

  3. 3.Custom Animations

  4. 4.Custom Titling

  5. 5.Digital Transitions

  6. 6.Digital Audio

  7. 7.Artistic Vision


Each video we create is done from scratch. Our videos are created using the mood, personality and feel of YOUR wedding. There are no “cookie-cutter” videos here. Each video we create is unique and personal.